Saturday, 8 November 2008

A couple of awards, a RAK and a PIF .... phew

Me again ..... seems it is all or nothing with me, lol.
I promised a couple of days ago that I would be back to say thanks etc etc and generally catch up with my posts so here goes ......

I would love to that the gorgeous Shellie for this award. I have known her forever it seems through various groups and she is a wee gem!!! I have this award already so I will leave it for anyone who is passing through my blog and hasn't had it yet - Thanks Shellie :o) Ooooh just found out that the delicious Mrs Wonka also nominated me too - thanks hun .... you are sweet (sorry for bad pun, hehehehe)

Next is a great big thankyou to my wonderful friend Emma who sent me another fab RAK this week. I was supposed to meet her last week but had to cancel BUT we are hopefully meeting on Wednesday for a spot of craft shopping and maybe, just maybe a bit of cake ;o). Cant wait to see you hun - thanks for my goodies, you are a little darling.


Last but not least in this post is news of the PIF I got from lisa . I love the package you sent hun so it is my turn to share the love. So, the first 3 people who leave a comment on this post will each receive a small package from me. The only rule is that when you get it you have to put a post on your blog and send a parcel to the first 3 people who leave a comment - easy peasy :o)


Diane.W. said...

Not sure if I'm in time for PIF,but will try :o)x

Emma said...

You are more than welcome hun...looking forward to wednesday & we are defo having cake!!!!
Emma x

Shellie said...

Hiya Marcea, thanks for calling em a wee Gem you are one too ma dear. Have no idea what PIF stands for but thought I would leave you a comment anyway



Marcea said...

Congratulations ladies - If you could email me your addresses I will get you a little parcel sent off asap :o)


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