Friday, 14 November 2008

Server meltdown .... some info for you

Hi everyone, I understand from Claire at 'Making Handmade' that there has been an overwhelming response to the launch of her new kits. As a result they are experiencing some technical propblems with the server. I got this message earlier so thought I would post for any of you who aren't on her mailing list...


A big thanks to everyone who has ordered the bundle of Christmas Goodies so far.

I'm afraid my servers have experienced a meltdown linked to the amount of demand for the bundle! I'm so sorry - I really didn't expect the bundle to be so popular!

If you have experienced problems downloading your bundle, please could I ask that you try downloading your bundle later today, when things are quieter.

I really apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience with this.

You will be getting your bundles as soon as possible!

All the best


If any of you did not receive an email with your download access details then please email her and she will activate your downloads manually for you. You can get in touch with Claire by using the contact form

Hopefully things will be up and running smoothly again very soon - they are working on it as we speak

1 comment:

CraftyC said...

I bought the download bit got server error. Emailed a few hours ago but not heard as yet. Looks like the downloads are going to be a great success. Hope Claire gets the problem sorted, I want to play!!


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