Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Been a little bit naughty ..... oops!

Hiya, just thought I would confess to you all .... have been naughty!! Promised to try and save up for Harrogate and not to buy too much until then. I have already ordered loads of stuff in the sales since christmas but have been looking forward to this new Smirk range which has just come out this week. Whilst shopping for a new kitchen bin in The Range, I got a little lost and found myself slap bang in the middle of the craft section (lol, honest ... not like I would head in that direction on purpose) and then what do you know .... all these lovely goodies just 'fell' into my basket!

Hmmm so that is another £40+ spent out of my Harrogate fund but I did put a few things back on the shelf (well, there is always next weeks visit, hehehe) and I am looking forward to having a play with them. Just had a scribble with the glitter pens and wow - talk about sparkle!!!!! Think I am going to be adding a bit of bling to everything!! Emma, close your jaw .... I know I said I would never buy die cut decoupage cos of the white edges (blah blah, us ex-deoupage people are hard to please) but these are just too cute to say no to - and your FF decoupage cards are just stunning so I have decided to give them a go .... will report back later :o)


Diane.W. said...

I'm never going shopping with you,lol,you are out of control!!!!

I have bought my ticket for Harrogate already too,I'm going Sat 28th :o)x

POPPET said...

Dont know what happened to my first comment grrrr at blogger...

That is just so typical getting lost and ending up in the craft section!!!!

At least you had something nice to look at while trying (despretly!!!) to find your way out PMSL...

Hugs pops x x x

Nicola said...

What are you like !!! Will you never learn girl ???? Hey did you get anything for me teehee, can´t wait for Harrogate. Wishing my life away but saving my pennies for this special day so I can then be like you and Spend,Spend,Spend. xxx

Sam said...

Ohhh what a lovely collection for your stash :)

I just can't believe you ended up in the craft section - must be that crafting implant!! LOL



clare said...

wow..what lovely goodies you but i must fancing those clear stamps....cant wait to see your creations with it.

can i ask...did you buy a bin after??? or was that just a excuse to

hugs clarexx

Sally said...

I can't believe you ended up in the crafting section. Not a crafter, no way that could happen. LOL Anyway looks like you got some wonderful stash!

Emma said...

Lol...can't believe you went for the decoupage!!! Tut tut
You live in that craft section in the range so don't give us that rubbish!!! Where is the pic of your bin?????
Emma x

Emma said...

Oh yes you need to update your pic cos I don't think it really looks like you!!!! Obviously it is tho!!!Lol
Emma x

Pauline C said...

Naughty Marcea!!! Those clear stamps are kinda cute though lol!! I don't know what it is about January that makes craft spending go out of control .... I've started to be the same - I leave a lot of stuff alone but there's still a lot falls in my basket - esp online where it's never too heavy to carry lol!!
Pauline x

Nicola said...

There are a few things waiting for you on my blog. Hope you have a fabby weekend. xxx

Leah said...

Is'nt it funny how you can end up in the craft section not on purpose and then stuff just falls off the shelves into your cart?!I spend more money that way!LOL!Nice to meet all of you!I was blog hoppin what fun!


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