Sunday, 25 January 2009

It's award time!!

Oki doki, so here are a few (well quite a lot) awards that I have been given over the past couple of weeks. This is going to teach me to post the as I get them!!!!!
The first award is from 3 lovely ladies Pops , Sam and Katherine


The next award os from a lot of lovely ladies who are all so supportive. A great big thankyou to Pauline , Rozzy , Nicola (my mum!!) , Louise and Tracie , I really do appreciate this so much - you are all wonderful!


My next award is really pretty, thankyou so much Maxine , Rozzy , mum and Louise for thinking of me!


The ever so talented Bev has given me this nice blog award - thanks sweetie - yours is rather nice too!!


The fabulous Shirley has given me this cute hugs award - thankyou so much, this is the first time I have seen this one :o)


Over half way now, lol, phew this will teach me to keep up to date!

Next is another fab award, this time from

Sally , mum , Clare and Rozzy . You know I appreciate every award I get but you could have bowled me over when Clare from Do Crafts nominated me for this (still grinning now!!).


My mum has also given me these 2 awards - thanks mum


And now for my final award ... well it is not so much of an award as a tag ... yep I have been tagged by all these people ...

Sally , Bev , Emma and finally mu mum . For this you have to go into your photos and take the 6th picture from the 6th folder. Now I think that they are just being nosey, lol, and wondering if I have piccies which don't include nights out. Well I do (sticking tongue out) however ...... yep you guessed it, here I am on New Years' Eve just after midnight with my wonderful hubby. Not sure what has happened to my hair although I can confirm that one too many vodkas has resulted in my rather daft expression (although not sure what Glen's excuse is hahahahaha).

I hope I haven't sent you all to sleep, phew, a few of you are still awake, lol. Thanks to everyone who gave me these awards - they really do mean a lot to know you think of me. Sorry for not passing on as I should but my post would have taken all night. I promise to try and stay more up to date in future! If anyone would like any of the above awards please feel free to take and post to your blog with my love. Have a great evening!!


Shirley said...

What a bunch of wonderful awards, lady! You are so deserving! and what a really lovely picture of you and yours.

Emma said...

Congrats on all your long you been saving them up?? Lol
Lovely pic even with your vodka face!!
Emma x

cats whiskers said...

Wow girl what a lot of awards you have collected well done dear. Love that photo so nice to see you!!!!
big hugs
Jacqui x

Anonymous said...

Hahahah what a great pic..... at least you were still upright LOL



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