Thursday, 16 April 2009

I am so excited I may just spontaneously combust!

Why?????? Well I am sooooooooo glad you asked. Life in Marcea-land is pretty nice tonight let me tell you! Ok, not everything is perfect ... I started back at the gym this week to try and restore a little balance in my life and my poor muscles are paying the price but who cares because in 8 hours something wonderful is going to happen!

What you may ask .... to which I reply .... WHERE HAVE YOU ALL BEEN!!!!
Oh yes, those of you in the know will be almost as excited as I am about the very first challenge on Just Magnolia . If that is not enough just wait until you see the prize for this special occassion. One lucky person who enters is going to win a mammoth prize .... it is HUGE!!!!!! I almost wish I wasn't on the DT so I could be in with a chance of these fabulous goodies.
Hope to see you all there bright and early!!!
Now, you would think my day could not get any better .... WRONG!!!! You see, I have been very quiet this week and that is because I have been busy making samples for Lili of the Valley . They have a show tomorrow on Create and Craft at 11am and my cards are going to be on the telly! OMG I can't believe it!! gutted I am at work but my sky box is set to record it - what a day!!!!!!

Phew, so now onto some nice things that happened this week ..... look at these gorgeous awards I have been given by my wonderful friends.
Thanks to Jacqui and Mrs Wonka for this fab award

and a huge thanks also to Helen and Pauline

I know I should pass it on but you know what .... I love everyone today so please grab it and spread the love :o)



Good morning Marcea, how are you doing hunny? i hope you are well. I have missed visiting your lvoely blog, and i have missed so much going on!!! Congratulations on joining the new Magnolia challenge DT. I am looking forward to joining in the challenge when things calm down this end. I wish i was about to watch create and craft today as i would have loved to see your cards!!! you can be my claim to fame hunny!! you certainly sound as though you are being kept very busy. I hope you are enjoying the gym, i could do with joining one myself, but am far too lazy, besides i would have one less thing to moan about then, and that would never do!!! hope you have a good weekend, and hope to catch up again soon, big hugs Linda x

Nicola said...

Ooh bet you wish you had a stay at home day with all that is happening Marcea. Congratulations on both counts, must set tape to record lol. Well done, you are a wee star. xxx

Nicola said...

Woo hoo .... saw all of your cards and even your name !!! Well done you. xxx

thread-bare said...

Wow how exciting hun xx Sorry have missed the prog but I'm sure I will catch up with it soon xx Clare x


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