Monday, 10 August 2009

Would you like to sell me your Copics???

Only me again ..... I have decided I am going to have a go with Copics but before I go and buy a set I thought I would see if there is anyone here who has already bought them but for whatever reason doesn't want them anymore. If you are interested in selling me yours (or you know someone who might have some for sale) I would love to hear from you. You can either leave me a comment here or email me (link on my sidebar).
Thanks ..... hope I get lucky :o)


Jennifer said...

I'm in the exact same boat you are! :P Let me know if you have any takers that you aren't going to hit up first or already have hit up! LOL

Tracy said...

Hi Marcea,
Kerry at A Load Of Old Pickle is selling them
Hope this helps
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Kimmi said...

Hi Marcea,

Kerry is selling her copics, she won a set of 72 from a candy. this is her blog

Kimmi xx

Jill said...

Hi Marcea, Kerry at A load of old pickle is selling hers,
she is a lovely lady and I'm sure you 2 will be able to sort something out hope this helps hugs Jill xx

Penni said...

I love my Copics, so wont be selling them lol!!! However, I can tell you that they are fabulous and I don't regret buying them at all - I have all the Copic Ciao Markers - I bought them in 2 x 72 sets. They are expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion.

Hope this helps a little with your decision.


Jo Austin said...

Errm... not selling mine.. they're mine all mine.. lol.. however, as we live quite close to each other, do you want me to nip over sometime to bring my collection and give you a quick lesson? you'll love them!

Treacle said...

I know someone that has a set of 36 and was talking about selling them.

I can leave a link to her blog but if you get nothing back let me know and i'll ring her for you.

Sarah K


Sheila said...

Would I like to sell you my Copics you say.... mmmmmm NO FLIPPING CHANCE!!!!, I'll fight you for em tho :).
Good luck in your search sweetie, guess you got on better with them mum then!!:).
Sheila xx

Poppy said...

just blog hopping and look what I found. a look here.

Tracey said...

oh my goodness the though of parting with my copics makes me want to cry.
you will never regret buying them honestly,you will wounder why you never brought them years ago.
i found buying them seperate better for me that way i can buy the colour combo i want first.

tracey x

Elaine Livesey said...

Sorry I can't help you on this one. I gave all mine away last year.I know everyone loves them and I'm obviously the exception to the rule!
Hope you manage to find some.
Love Elaine xx

Treacle said...


Sorry only just got your message have been babysitting this morning for the gorgeous little flebee bee bee lol. I'll give her a ring for you no probs.


Treacle said...

Hi Marcea.

I spoke to her she still has them and is going to email you tonight if she hasn't done so already.



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