Saturday, 5 February 2011

Music Saves My Soul

Morning on what is still a blustery day - where has all this windy weather come from??? Think it will be gone soon though because it doesn't seem as strong. I forgot to tell you all that my son passed his driving test on Monday - this will mean no more band runs for me but instead I can stay home and worry instead!

So as we all know it is Saturday so time to get searching for some music to share with each other, My song this week is by a band who strangely I didn't like as a teen however now I just adore their music. They are amazing musicians and Mark Knopfler is such a gifted guitarist - hope you enjoy my choice, sit back, close your eyes and feel the goosebumps it gives you

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Anonymous said...

Great song Marcea. I also didnt like it as a teen (my dad used to drive me crazy playing Dire Straights on the radio ;o)) and now I turn the radio up when a song comes on air, I love 'em! ;o))

Cheryl said...

Great pick! I never was a Dire Straights fan when I was a kid either. I like some of the stuff by Mark Knopler quite a bit now.

Per your question on my blog, Blu Cantrell also sand "Hit 'em Style"

Renata van Miltenburg said...

Me three didn't like Dire Straights as a teen, I was more into "Girl Music" :D Now I can appreciate a good steady band!

Liefs, Renata

Lisa aka Myran said...

I'm abit embarrased to say this but I have never heard of them before :S God choise thought!


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