Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My name is Marcea .... and I am a ribbon addict!

Ok so I think I may be in need of serious help, like really SERIOUS help. It would appear I have a slight addiction to buying ribbons .... don't we all though :o) Ribbon storage is a nightmare isn't it but let me tell you something, I think I have the answer ..... interested???...... well read on.

At first glances my ribbons look fairly organised .... pretty jars of yumminess, ooh I am drooling over them already

A good old craft drawer stuffed with reels and packs of ribbon ..... plus all the bits that wouldn't go in my jars.

No wonder they wouldn't fit in my jars - they are stuffed to the brim

I don't even know what is in these any more, it is a bit dangerous removing a lid - ribbon just spills everywhere!

Also, my lovely ribbon is all creased when I want to use it so I have to get the old iron out - something I hate at the best of times.

Can you believe all this was in that scabby old drawer....

Just how much ribbon does one person need

Love papermill shop satin ribbon (can you tell, haha)

More and more

... and all those little bargains I couldn't turn down

and more .... hope papermania appreciate my purchases

Sigh, we just can't part with it though can we.

So what is the answer to my storage problems .........

The ribbon ring - have another of these beauties hopefully arriving tomorrow ..... will post later in the week to let you know how I got on with them and piccies of my neat new storage solution!

There are loads of ribbon storage tips on Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings Organization week (phew, not easy to say fast 3 times lol) so pop over and have a look and win some storage solutions too!!

Hmmm ..... better not show you my flowers, lol xxx


Louise said...

Good luck Marcea, cant wait to see the pics xx

cowboydutrem said...

Can't wait to see your new organisation, and all those jars will be empty for new embellishments!

Cards By MI said...

My god Marcea! You have more ribbons that a store. LoL Good luck sorting everything out.

Nicola said...

Bloomin heck, what a lotta ribbons. Can´t wait to view your new storage solution!!!
xx Mum xx

Penni said...

Well that is a lot of ribbon Marcea - but I'm sure you NEED it all.


Judi said...

WOW! You sure have a lot of ribbon Marcea - I'm like you, a ribbon addict, so will look forward to seeing your pics and seeing if this new method of storage really works for you.

Hugs - Judi x

Sigal P said...

WOW!!!That's more ribbons than i ever dreamed that one person (not a store)could have in one house...
i love it!!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I would give anything for a good storing solution for ribbons! I'm checking back! Hugs, Frea

Marla said...

I love ribbon also and use wooden clothes pins for my laces - the kind that are just open and dont clap shut - it works great to store lots of lace in one small area. The ones that are on cards in packages I just store in a nice box. Cant wait to see how the ribbon ring works for you!!

Sue said...

Hi hun
ya can never have enough ribbon! have mine in clear bags were all stuffed in drawer, be interested to see how you get on with ya new storage. I like things tucked away so they no get dusty! lol, sue,x

Sol said...

WOW!!!! A bit of ribbons... yeah... Great to see how you are organizing everything... Looking forward to see more!! :o)

kelly ledder said...

can wait to see this as i was sorting out my ribbon today a box and all colours in sandwich bags not good!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Love all your ribbon and a gal can never ever have too much ribbon, hehehehehe :) I know I always want more :) hehehe Im addicted yes :)

Anyways I love all your storage solutions, and love the ribbon ring too! I need to get me a couple more of them :)

Thanks for sharing with us at RRRibbon!!!

Sonia said...

I can not wait to see how well it works out for you. I am taking everything in before I decide what may work for me. I will be interested to see how your organizing goes.


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