Saturday, 2 April 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Morning world, oooh it is the weekend and that means time for me, me, me lol. Thankyou to all of you who joined in last week on Music Saves My Soul - OMG we reached the dizzy heights of 15 people linking up - what a great selection of songs there were :o)

Well I am getting ever so organised, I knew what song I wanted to share with you a few days ago so here it is ... enjoy!

It reminds me of the late 80s ..... in particular Transvision Vamp ... OMG I used to love them. In fact, I am going to share one of their videos too - not often I post two!!!!!! Everyone used to say I looked a bit like Wendy James when this song was out but I am not sure ... think it was the blonde bob but hey, I am not complaining!

So there we go for another week ....... please join in and share what you are listening to this week. If you could add the cute piccie and link on your sidebar that would be fab .... any help spreading the word is appreciated. Remember to link your post below so we can all come and have a listen ..... see you next week xxx


Renata van Miltenburg said...

Hi Marcea, I love your pick this week!! The first video is too funny :) And the second song is great! I still can see why they thought you looked like her...
Never heard both songs and that's what I like about MSMS!!

I have one from the 80's as well to share with you.

Groetjes, Renata

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Great song...and yes...very TVish! :)

Leann said...

Eeeeeeek - total blast from the past - love it!!!!
Although was just a very small child when Transvision Vamp were around. Obviously. ;)
Hugs x x x

Anonymous said...

Great songs!! Love Transvision Vamp! xx

Ellen said...

How great is this LOL. This is my first time and I hope that I've done everything right.


Karin said...

New songs for me! Thanks for posting two and exciting to see so many people playing along :)

stempelfeest said...

Love your choice, great songs. The first is my ringtone at the moment, it makes me happy everytime I hear it!
x Mariska

Gail said...

My feet were dancing under the computer desk listening to Hello and how can you noy love the second song-I remember it well.


Ren-Yi said...

Heh - these was happy songs w/ a great beat. i was feeling kinda tired but this one got me right up and about!

angelwhispers said...

Hi Marcea sooo sorry for not commenting on your blog for soo long!!!

I have just posted a card I made with your candy from last October and have linked it to you!!!

Hope you can pop across to have a look.

Love & Hugs Chanelle xxxx

Lisa said...

Two great choses Marcea! I've got lots happening right now but next week I hope to share some music again :)

Lisa xx

Cheryl said...

Great picks! I love them both, especially the Transvision Vamp

Devlin said...

Two great choices! And they really sound alike. Transvision vamp... That's really a long time ago. I remember buying those English popmagazines like Smash hits and reading all about them and so many other great popbands.


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