Saturday, 30 April 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Good morning ..... I am such an amazing mood today, it really feels good to be alive. I have a wonderful husband, great son and the best friends!!!! No, I am not still drunk from the wedding celebrations yesterday, lol ..... just feeling appreciative for what I have. Talking of the wedding, wasn't Kate's dress fabulous - she looked stunning! Her sister also looked beautiful and as for those cute little bridesmaids - too sweet. What a perfect day they had - I feel proud to be British and wish them all the luck in the world for their life together in the spotlight. My gorgeous friend Dawn and I had a wonderful day watching the wedding in York and then sat by the river toasting their future (ok, having rather a lot of wine, hehehe) and it was such a great way to spend the day.

Oki doki, back to the job of the day .... yep, let's get sharing some music with each other. I thought after the Royal Wedding I should try and use that as my inspiration so here goes ...... a little bit of Queen .... love this song, not heard it for a long time .... hope you like it to!

Hope you had the volume up full. I feel ready to start my day now ..... the sun is STILL shining - what a glorious April it has been.

So if you want to play along just pop a tune on your blog and if you would like to put the little logo and link back to my blog on your sidebar I would be ever so grateful. It helps spread the word which means we get even more great songs to listen to each week. Have a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the UK enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday too ..... all these days off are great aren't they.

Have fun xxx


Lisa said...

I just love Queen! You always pick the best songs Marcea :)
Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Awwh, what a gorgeous wedding it was!
Great song too darling!

Karin said...

Great pick and the wedding was fantastic :)

Lisbeths kort og scrap said...

It was truly a fantastic wedding! I envy you brits such a celebration. It was absolutely FANTASTIC - and lucky me had the day off from work, so I could "join" the whole ceremony, they were both so beautiful, and the dress - absolutely stunning!
Hugs from Lisbeth (Norway)

Pauline said...

Love this song, love Queen!! Feeling nostalgic now...

Cheryl said...

Great pick! I haven't heard this song in ages!


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