Saturday, 23 July 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday ... RIP Amy

Oh dear, what dreadful news about Amy Winehouse. I know it is no real surprise she has died but I feel it is such a terrible waste. She had a fabulous voice and it is a real shame she had her addictions which finally killed her :o(

I am sharing one of my favourite songs by Amy ......

I hope people remember her for the fabulous artist she was and not of her sad last perfprmance.

I also want to pass on my thoughts to the people of Norway ... I have just seen some of the footage on the news and I am horrified that someone could do this to all those innocent people. It is a sad day for the world.



Sandra H said...

So sad she was a good person at heart feel for her family!!:) Sandra H

Pauline said...

Yeah, one of my faves, but not entirely surprising given her history. Such a waste with her talent, Back to Black remains one of my favourite albums. Fab song, but is sending shivers down my spine. Her poor Parents.

Cheryl said...

So sad about Amy. What a waste of incredible talent. You picked one of my favorites songs by her. TFS

Christina - Pieces of Dreams said...

Thanks for this.
I was so sad when I heard the news of her death yesterday.
She has a special talent and a free spirit. My heart goes out to her papents.
Chris x

Pop's Cards said...

Thank you so much sweetie for all the answers, i know i can be just a bit of a pain, and thanks for the comment i now know my new blog is working mwah x x x x


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