Saturday, 25 February 2012

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Good morning folks. What a lovely few days I have had. Yesterday I met up with a few crafty friends for a colouring daywith our speccies. What a wonderful time we all had. Sara Davies popped in too for a little bit of a natter and a colour - great to see you hun.

I thought I better jolly well get Music Saves My Soul back up seeing as I was a real slack Alice last week and forgot all about it ...oops.

I had my iPod on shuffle yesterday whilst I was travelling to and from Darlington  when I heard this little beauty from Goldfrapp ..... it has been ages since I heard it and the video always makes me giggle.

Hope you can all play along. Just post a song on your blog then add a link tothe little blue froggy below.

Have afab weekend, I am heading off to drop Ryan off .... first stop, I am told, is McDonalds for brekkie - teenagers lol x

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