Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ooooh I have had a facelift .... well sort of x

I am feeling just a tad girly now that I have my gorgeous new template ...... isn't it pretty!!!!!! All I have to do now is get it all back in order and maybe have a little delete here and there too. Look what happens when the sun shines - even my blog gets a spring clean. If you fancy a change from the boring templates that Blogger provides then have a look at Leelou Blogs ....... love mine so a great big thankyou to sites like this. I can now edit my sidebar again too from my homepage rather than having to go into page elements on the design tab - what a godsend .... the other way was driving me nuts since it changed to the new format. If you decide to get a new template drop me a comment, would love to see what they all look like on real blogs.

Have a fab weekend xxx


Gemma said...

I gave my blog a new make over too - about 2 weeks ago, it is also a Lee Lou design - I just love it! xxx

Sandra H said...

I'm loving the new look its stunning:) Sandra H

julie_woolston said...

I love your new design Marcea.

Hugs Julie x

June Nelson said...

OOh its lovely and I willhave to go and have a look as mine is so boring!!! xxx

coops said...

gorgeous new look blog hun :D

xx coops xx

Dorte said...

Lovely new design, Marcea. I uses Leelou Blogs as well and wants to change to a new fresher one. But the last time I did that, it took me half a day to get things sortet out.
hugs Dorte


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