Monday, 4 March 2013

Kumi crazy

Good evening everyone. Well I have had a crafty day off today and been busy making lots of lovely bracelets. I will share two with you just now and show a few more later in the week. Kumihimo bracelets are so popular at the moment and especially the beaded ones.

This first one is just black ..... but oh my word I love it. I have mixed matte and gloss beads together and I am so happy with the result. I think it looks pretty elegant for such a chunky bracelet and would fab with most outfits.

The next one is using 2 shades of green. The camera really has not done a very good job of the colours on this but it is just so pretty in real life. I would never have really thought about a green bracelet before making this but it is just so eye-catching that I am tempted to make myself one for the Spring/Summer.

So there you go .... another couple of bracelets from me. I am back at work tomorrow so I will either post tomorrow night or I might just wait until Wednesday. Whenever it is I promise to see you again this week. Oooh almost forgot to say, make sure you check out Beading Friends Forever blog if you like making jewellery. Catch you all later xxxxxxxxxxxx


Daria said...

Какие классные браслеты! Love it!

Shazza said...

love these, didn;t know you could make these bracelets with beads x

Sandra H said...

Awsome they are can't wait to see more xx

Hanna said...

WOW! These are beautiful! Love them both!



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