Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sparkle your message and no make up selfie

Hi all, well I am back at work tonight for 3 nights shifts. I have enjoyed my time off work although it feels like ages since I was there. I am sure after 10 minutes it will feel like I haven't had any time off at all.

A busy day ahead. I need to do the supermarket shop - argh, what a pain and also get a few other bits and bobs from town. Then just a few little jewellery makes and I have to finishe a crochet project too if I get chance.

Most importantly is todays Insanity workout - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs is on the agenda today - it is a killer lol.

Again I am looking through some recent makes to see what to share today.

This is a diabetes alert bracelet I made for a lady who did not want to wear the usual sort of talisman. Nice and blingy!!!!!! The sparkly letters are so pretty in real life and could be used for a name obviously instead.
More designs can be seen on my crafty facebook page HERE.

I thought i would also post my no make up selfie here. I popped it on facebook last night like lots of other women did - all trying to raise awareness for cancer. I know it won't cure it but things like this do get people talking about it and if someone checks their boobs for lumps and bumps as a result then it is a good thing in my opinion.

Right, better get my bum moving and get on with my 'to do' list.
Happy hump day guys xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Sandra H said...

Your selfie looks good and so does your bracelet its truly stunning x


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