Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I have a YouTube channel!

Hi guys, well I am back posting ..... sort of. I have ventured in YouTube .... ooh it is a very scary place and so different to blogging. It is fair to say my videos are pretty basic at the moment but hopefully soon I will be an editing whizz!

I am hoping to bring a different angle to so many of the channels that are there jus now. Everyone seems to be in their 20's with perfect makeup and hair and eyebrows like you wouldn't believe. I, am so far away from that and I do feel a bit old and crinkly in comparison lol.

Hopefully I will be easier to relate to for lots of viewers who do not live in the land of perfection but instead in the real world where we often have 100 other things we need to be doing and jus getting any makeup on is an achievement.

Here is my intro video .... argh 😱😱😱

I would really love if my fellow Crafter's could pop over and support me and say hi, subscribe and leave the odd comment. I am really excited about staring this so fingers crossed it all works out xxx

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