Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Oh so nosey

Good evening. Well half way through the week already and I have been having a good old snoop around blogland. It is so lovely looking through my reading list and rediscovering old favourites. I am so happy there are lots of familiar faces still about. Quite a few blogs with no recent posts but as I know all too well we all need a break from time to time. 

I have started to leave the odd comment here and there - why do I feel so nervous. Will anyone remember me? I would really love it if any of my old buddies would drop me a message to let me know how you are doing. I feel about 90% certain I am going to start some cardmaking again. That's the thing once you start looking at all the beautiful creations out there. I am so worried I can't remember how to make a card. Oh well, I learned once so I can learn again.

So that's all I wanted to say tonight. Just short and sweet. 2 more days at work and then I am heading off to our holiday home on the coast. I am so ready for a break and the sea air will be just what I need. I might even pack some stamped images and my copics - now there's an idea ......

Night gorgeous bloggers, see you all again soon 


Bev said...

Hey girlie! What a lovely blast from the past. Hope you and yours are all well, great to hear from you again xo

Tracey T said...

Would love to see you back making cards again. I don't get to craft nearly as much as I used to but have stayed on one DT to make sure I don't drift away from blogging altogether. Come on, we can do this! x

Mandy said...

Hey Marcea!
It's so nice to hear you are getting the creative urge back & you have no need at all to feel nervous, those of us "oldies" in Blogland would never forget you & your beautiful cards.
I don't blog like I used to & gave up all my DT's except for SSS & as Tracey says above it gives us a reason to stop us drifting away from blogging.
I keep telling myself I am going to attempt to make more time & effort on the blogging but so far life always gets in the way!
Hope to see you back again soon xxx


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