Sunday, 24 June 2018

Help and advice needed please ..... blogger or bloglovin, what supplies do I need, challenges, hints and tips

Good evening to you all. So as you know I will be resuming my cardmaking after a 6+ year break. I feel like such a newbie again ... I need your help. I have been looking through my old posts and noticed I had mentioned about switching to bloglovin from blogger. I honestly cannot even remember this. Can someone please give me the lowdown about this because I have no idea. Is it blogger or bloglovin i need? What are the benefits of bloglovin? 

I am also looking at new craft storage which is very exciting. If any of you have posts of your craft rooms I would love to see. 

Now then, supplies ..... what are must haves? For those that don’t know I am very into ‘cute’ and love embellished cards and usually colour with my copic markers (hope they still have ink in lol). 

Challenges .... are these still popular? 

I am planning on sharing a lot of my cards on YouTube ..... is this something you would be interested in? If so what would you like to see? I am so excited to be getting ready to share creations with you all again. 

I would appreciate any help, tips, recommendations etc from all of you. I feel like I have forgotten so much but I am hoping it’s just like riding a bike .... fingers crossed. 

Thanks for reading everyone 

Marcea xx

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