Monday, 25 June 2018

New house tour | Barratt Homes The Alderney

I have had such a brilliant day .... busy but brilliant! We finally got to go into i our brand new home for our house tour with the site manager. 

We have bought a new build from Barratts and we move in 3 days .... I am so busy packing. 

Anyway, I have done a quick walkthrough if you would like to ,look. It is not all finished yet but should all be ready for us going in on Thursday. 

I absolutely love it and the kitchen is AMAZING! I also get my first peep at my new crafty space😊

I hope you enjoyed watching. See you all again very soon xx


Sandra H said...

It looks so lovely and your kitchen floor is the same as my bathroom tiles thank you for sharing this and hope your happy in your new home sending lots of love xx

Lorraine A said...

Fab video Marcea :-) Good Luck in your new home! It looks fabulous and I can't wait to see an update, especially of your craft room! ;-)


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