Monday, 28 December 2009

Card blank question

Hi everyone, only me. I need to pick your brains please. I usually make my own card blanks and buy the envelopes seperately but this is proving quite costly really. I was wondering if any of you use bought pre scored card blanks/envelopes. I really only use 6x6 so would be interested in any recommendations you might have. Have seen a couple on ebay but would love your input.
Thankyou all so much


Janet said...

Hi Marcea,

I buy mine from Craftwork Cards.... scallop and plain 6x6 with envelopes....not the cheapest but fab quality x

Helen said...

Hi Marcea,
I used to make my own from A4 card, but was ending up with so many off-cut strips, so I've started buying them from a seller on ebay.
Here's a link to their shop
Helen x

Judi said...

Hi Marcea

Like you, I usually make my own, so I'd be interested to hear what you decide to do.

Hugs Judi xx

Diane.W. said...

I buy mine from Samuel Taylor's they are £3.99 for 50 6x6 cards & envelopes.If you need any more info,just shout!!! :o)x

Katie L Oakley said...

I buy mine from Ebay - I hope you dont mind me posting the link:
The last lot I bought was 100 blanks for £13.50 delivered which I didnt think was to bad. They are good quality to :) xx

Penni said...

Have you thought of getting an envelope maker (or the Crafters Companion Ultimate), that way you can make your own envelopes too.

Just a thought.


Ali Watson said...

I'm the same as Janet Craftwork cards plain and scalloped can't beat the quality. HTF honey. Hope you had ad fab Crimbo.

Marcea said...

thanks everyone so far :o)
Penni - I have an enveloper but never use it, lol - can't be bothered hahahahaha ..... well only for special occassions :o)
Need an easy everyday option

Fern said...

Hi Marcea,

Have you tried Craft Creations they're 14.5 cm, and they're beautifully textured.
They're normally about £6 for a pack of 50 and they come with envolopes.

Fern zz

Kim. said...

Hi Marcea,
I buy mine from Craft Superstore they 50 6"x6" for £4.99 but you do then have to pay postage of £2.95 unless you spend £40 which is not always hard.
They have also started a reward scheme now too but have not purchased anything since the start so don't know mcuh about it.
Kim xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Marcea Hope you had a fab Christmas/
personally I make my own from blank cards and make matching envelopes I use a3 paper for the 6x6 cards.....would be interested to see what your outcome is as they can someties take forever and ever!!!!!
Have a fabulous New Year:)xxx

Sarah K said...

I use craftwork cards back to basics also, good quality and I think reasonable and they provide a good service and are very helpful x

Pauline C said...

Interesting question this hun .... now I guess it depends to some extent on where you're getting your blank card and envelopes from and how much you're paying out for them now .....

The ones the ladies have mentioned on here at £6 for 50 cards + envelopes means it is working out at 12p per card + envelope. I get all my A4 card from the Papermill Shop and I do find that has the advantage of flexibility ie I can get some linen, some plain, some white, ivory etc .... I wasn't sure how much it fits in a box (too lazy to go and start counting it out now lol!!) but according to their website it's 70-80 sheets so let's say 6.5p a sheet on average. So if you want to retain flexibility to make your own blanks I think not paying too much for envelopes is the key thing ... you need to be looking at 6 or 7p to broadly match the pre-scored prices. That's the hard part in my experience - esp. if you're looking for 6 * 6 as you will no doubt know that you can't get them just everywhere !!

I'm fortunate in that my local craft shop sells envelopes for 8p each or less if you buy in bulk .... but failing that I noticed Secret Crafter does a pack of 100 Woodware 6*6 for £6.40 .... 6.4p each. They're out of stock at the moment but that seems a v good price to me.
If anyone knows of internet prices that beat this i would also be interested to know, though personally i do like the felxibility of making my own :-)

I guess this debate could run and run rofl!!
pauline x

Kimmi said...

Hi Marcea,

I use PDA Crafts and Paper (if I am remembering correctly). Fast delivery, cheap card stock and enveloped, but they are the old way you use now, not prescored or anything. Maybe buying from here, might save pennies!

Kimmi xx

Squirrel x said...

Hi hun, I tend to buy mine these days, pre-scored, from PDA Card & Craft. I buy the 300gsm brilliant white card which is fabulous quality, nice and thick and beautifully smooth, but not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. I get my envelopes there too. They have a huge range of choice so you don't have to spend £££s if you don't want to. Great service too, have used them for about three years now. I used to buy the cheaper packaged cards but found that the card curled and had no real weight to it. Hugs, Squirrel xx

Helen Laurence said...

Hi Marcea,

I buy mine from the range at the moment but they are only 12.5x12.5cm.

I was thinking of doing what Pauline said & buying card from Papermill, so I did some searching a while ago & found this website for envelopes

Don't know what the quality is like as I've not tried them yet but they have a WIDE range of envelopes & their prices seem quite good.

Helen x

Unknown said...

Hi Marcea,
Now I have always bought mine from Craft Creations and have found them to be fabulous. They have a bulk buy system in that the more you buy the cheaper they become. You can buy cheaper envelopes or better quality, it's up to you, they have numerous colours and umpteen sizes, they are pre-scored and very good value for money. Don't whatever you do buy from Create and Craft. Don't get me wrong I love C&C but I bought some from them a while back and wasn't pleased with the quality at all and the envelopes were very flimsy. Craft Creations have a website and they have hundreds of other stock too - you should go have a look before you decide -
Hope all this helps.
Dawn xx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Marcea, you might be better of buying black card, Rymans sell several different sizes of card A4 and A3, and I make my own cards from it, and then I also buy my envelopes from they sell several different sizes of envelopes and I get my 8"x 8" ones from them and they are very reasonable. Hope this helps. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Net said...

I buy the raftwork cards ones too. They're beautiful quality. I buy all my envelopes from Ideal Envelopes. The quality is superb.

They do 6" square ones [url=] here [/irl]

Marcea said...

Thanks so much for all the replies - I usually get my envelopes from ideal envelopes but just think it is getting a bit pricey with the delivery etc (although they usually arrive next day)
I will probably carry on as always but I am tempted to buy some card/envelope packs

Nicola said...

I have found your topic so interesting Marcea as I am running out of card. With no outlet here I am off to google these
recommendations, thank you ladies.

thread-bare said...

Hi Hun

I get my Xerox card from a stationary supplier so I get 500 sheets for £14.99. I then use the strips I cut off for my sentiment stamps. I buy my envelopes from Craft Creations... the more you buy the bigger the discount. xx Clare x

Sheila Hallworth said...

Hi Marcea :)

I use Craft Creations too. I prefer the hammer finish but there are lots of options. I usually buy about 100 at a time (13p per card) envelopes extra, you can get different qualities. I haven't found one other make that comes close to the quality of these and I've tried lots.

Good luck!

Sheila x

Pauline C said...

yes i too ahve found this thread well interesting and will go google some of these suggestions :-)
pauline x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Hi Marcea
Just adding my 2pennith!! :0)
I buy mine from Art of Crafts (local to me I know, but free p&p over £40)
here ref 000216 for 6x6 in white. Again, not the cheapest, but they are a fab quality...and available in all different sizes and colour ways. xx


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