Saturday, 4 December 2010

Music Saves My Soul Saturday ...... back at last!!!!!

Hello there, oh it is good to be back again and at last we can all have a little sing and dance at the weekend again with Music Saves My Soul - woohoo

Thankyou so much for all the lovely messages about Music Saves My Soul since I have been missing in action - I am so amazed that you have missed me and the chance to share our tunes. I hope you have lots of fab tunes to share this week - I can't wait to hear them. I do need to get a few little candies out from before so I really apologise to those who are waiting - gonna get right on it!

So onto my tune ..... I love dancy type tunes and so I couldn't resist the brand tune 'The Time' by The Blackeyed Peas .... a funky twist on an old favourite.

I hope you enjoy my tune. If you want to join in just add your link to your post using the linky thing below and I would really love it if you could spread the word by adding my link to your sidebar with the fab logo above.
Have a happy weekend


Victoria said...

I have carried on anyway so linked my blog so you can see the ones over the last few weeks x

The Crafty Den said...

So glad you're back - it's brilliant to hear everyone's toons lol! Hugs, Denise x

Sandie said...

FANTASTIC song!! Love it :)

lis-m said...

Welcome back MSYSS ! Thanks marcea !!
hugs xxx

Cheryl said...

I'm so happy MSMSS is back!

Great tune!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo sooooooo soooooo glad yer back! ;o)

Devlin said...

Oooooooohyesssss!! I'm glad you're back! Like the video.

Ren-Yi said...

Welcome back, Marcea. We missed you. Hope everything is alright. Glad that we can do this again. What a great song to kick off the week!

Ren-Yi said...

Welcome back, Marcea! i hope everything going well for you. We missed you and the awesome MSMS! Great way to kick off the week with your song pick. love it!


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