Saturday, 14 May 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Hello, so sorry I am late but only been home a little while after my wonderful couple of days with my hubby. It was freezing at the races yesterday but we had an absolutely wonderful day despite the weather. I love looking at all the dresses, shoes and hats ..... some good and some .... well, lol.... better not say :o)

I have chosen a real blast from the past this week. I just loved Bananarama so much when I was younger - the tunes were so catchy. I know it is completely manufactured pop but hey, sometimes that is all you want.

This was one of my faves but there are lots that I used to sing and dance along to haha. Remember to add your name and link below so we can listen. I didn't get chance last week to listen but I will make sure I get round to you all this week. As always I would love for you to help spread the word by popping the MSMS logo on your sidebar.
Have a lovely weekend and if you are watching The Eurovision song contest tonight have fun, lol


Victoria said...

loved this had a boogy in my chair, remember making up dances to their songs when younger lol x

Lisa said...

Great pick Marcea! Takes me back a few years... :)
Lisa xx

Leann said...

Loved this Mrs W - fab choice!!!!
Mwah x x x

(obviously when I say remember, I mean I was very, very young and have a vague recollection of it... ;) )

Anonymous said...

Great sing-along! ;o) I loved it!!
Love the races too, all the dresses, hats and the shoes, oooh, the shooooes!!;o))
Enjoy the rest of your weekend darling xx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Lol @ Leann!!
Fab choice Marcea...loved Bananarama...oh, and Fun Boy Three!! In fact...I just loved the 80's!! ^.^

Cheryl said...

What a flash back! Great pick!


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