Saturday, 28 May 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Oh happy days ...... I am a rather excited bunny today because I have some amazing news to share - well I think it is rather amazing!!!!! I had a little message last night from my fabulous sister in law to let me know she has got me a ticket to see Take That on the 8th June in Manchester - OMG ...... to say I am excited is a bit of an understatement ..... I have been dancing around my room since I found out.

So in honour of my news I naturally have to play a little tune from the boys - would be rude not to!

They just get better and better, so nice to see them all together!!

If you want to play along and share your song just add your name to linky below. Would be fab if you could help spread the word by adding the little logo and link to your sidebar too.

Have a great weekend xxxxx


Mette said...

I am so envious of you. I'd love to see all the boys together (only saw Robbie about 12 years ago). Fabulous tune too and you are right - they get better and better

Hugs, Mette

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Hello!! It's the 'green eyed' one here! lol You are soooooo lucky...just love the boys! ♥♥♥♥♥
Fab choice and fab new song :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky Duck !!!! Oh, I'm a bright emerald green hahahaha I love, love LOVE Take That!!... I hope you'll have a wonderful time!

Lisa said...

Lucky lucky you!

Tracey T said...

Wow Marcea, that's fabulous news! I saw "the boys" years ago at Wembley and they were absolutely brilliant. Have a wonderful time. Tracey x

Cheryl said...

Have fun!

Caroljenks said...

Congrats on your ticket!

I'm seeing them in Cardiff on June 15th AND in Wembley on 30th!!!

Have a look here! I'm soooooo excited!

Have fun!

Carol x


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