Sunday, 17 July 2011

Could I possibly be the luckiest girl in the UK tonight .... wanna have a peep at what I am drooling over

Hi there, well what a wonderful time I have had with the Crafter's Companion team in Doncaster this weekend. I met so many wonderful crafters and their families that I feel quite privileged to say the very least. I also got to play all weekend with something rather fabulous ..........


What are these you may ask ....... well let me tell you now because after next weekend they are going to be appearing all over the place on blogs and in the craft world.

These little beauties are a brand new alcohol ink pen that Crafter's Companion will be releasing this Friday on their website.

I have been blown away by them so far. I have always used Copics having never really got on with Promarkers. I know we all have our favourites but every single person who tried these this weekend absolutely loved them - so much so that we were taking pre-orders for complete sets all weekend!!

Ok so what are the basics .....

well they have 2 nibs - a chisel and a precision bullet nib. Let me tell you this - the bullet nib is not rock hard but feels just lovely across the paper and lays colour down like you wouldn't believe.

They come in sets of 6 for just 6.99 a set!!!!!!

You can buy 4 sets for only 25 pounds .... that is for 24 pens!!!!!

There are 168 colours available.

You can replace the nibs.

Here is the bit the everyone loved ...... they are refillable!!!!!!

Yes, a pen for this price that you can refill - now there is something I haven't seen anywhere else at all!!!!

The quality is just superb. They blend perfectly and look so stylish.

I will be telling you more about them this week as I use them more but make sure you keep an eye out on the Crafter's Companion website and also their news blog.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have about them ...... I promise you will love them!!!!


Carol said...

Aren't you just a lucky lady!! I'm sooo jealous hehe. Will be stalking the postie tomorrow for mine lol! Can't wait to play. Glad you had a good time Hun. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxx

Karen said...

Hi Marcea
It was so lovely to meet you yesterday at Doncaster and have a natter. I love how enthusiastic you are about crafting and I'm sure you will be a great asset to the Crafters Companion Team.

You are sooo lucky to have the set of Spectrum Noir pens, I'm so excited about them and can't wait for mine to arrive. I have even planned where they are going in the caravan when we go on holiday next month!!! My hubby thinks I'm mad lol but they are such a fantastic product and a brilliant price they will become a best seller.
Have fun
Hugs Karen x

Laila said...

Yahooo, I can EASILY understand your excitement dear ;O) have fun with your new toys.
Hugs Laila

nicolet said...

Wow this looks fantastic!
Hugs Nicolet

kelly ledder said...

I think you are very lucky and these sound fab can't wait to see what everyone creates using them and I may have to invest....

issy said...

I dont know how you could keep this to cant wait till friday now... I hope theyve plenty of stock..


Ria said...

OMG that is soo awesome Marcea you lucky ducky can I come over and play ;) hahahah
hugs ria

Sandra H said...

Your so lucky:) Sandra H

Unknown said...

I can't wait for these on Friday!! I'll be camping out on the CC virtual doorstep!!! You answere4d my one and only reservation. I was hoping the bullet tip was anything but and now I know it isn't, I'll be investing in these. (I'll be flogging my Promarkers not my soul)! lol x

cardmaking bird said...

Saw these demo'd by one of your teamies the other day and they look fab!! And at that price, I'll definitely be giving them a go. I'm hoping I'll be better at shading with these than I am with promarkers. Can't wait til Friday!! Hugs, Marie xxx


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