Saturday, 15 October 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday ..... Come and share you favourite song!

Hi everyone, well here we are again after far too many weeks away. I am not quite sure what happened but suspect my new job and trip away for my reunion had a bit to do with it. Anyway, life is now settling into a new routine for me and so here we are, all ready to start sharing our tunes again each week.

I have had  a couple of people asking me how they can play along so I thought it was a good time to do a quick guide to sharing songs on here.

Basically, all you have to do is find a tune on YouTube that you like and post it on your blog.... narrowing it down to one is the hardest bit! Once you have found your song click the 'share' button under the video and then click 'embed'. This will give you a code that you can copy and paste into your post on your blog (you need to paste this in the 'edit html' mode. You can then switch it back to 'compose' to finish writing your post. Publish your post in the normal way linking to my blog and displaying the MSMS logo either in your post or on your sidebar (I would love for this to become a really regular stop for lots of crafters each week). All that is left to do is to post a direct link to your post using the blue frog (inlinkz) each week so that we can all come and visit you ..... easy huh, lol. If you need any help please just email me or post a comment on my blog and I will get back to you. A link to my email is on my sidebar.

Oooh, one last thing ..... you have all week to post, not just Saturday ..... so no excuses, get sharing x

Phew, clear as mud!!!!

Ok, so here is my choice for this week ....... you all know how much I love dance tracks and David Guetta is a real genius at the moment ...... so grab your dancing shoes and turn up the volume ..... hope you enjoy it!

I really can't wait to hear your choices ..... I am at work until 8pm tonight and then hopefully into town for a few drinks and dances ..... if hubby is feeling better so I will pop round to you all tomorrow. See you all later xxx


Lisa said...

It's great to have you back Marcea and this music party! Gonna add this song to my work out playlist :)

Jo said...

Hiya Marcea,
Glad you're back and life seems to be settling down a bit for you now. I love hearing everyones song choices - my house is always full of music!
Jo x

Rebecca said...

Hi, i love this idea and i hope you like my song
Rebecca x

Kirsty said...

Hi Finally got round to joining in will try most weeks as I love music and I like your choice great dance number !! Hope you like mine too Thanks Kitty ;0)

Cheryl said...

Great to have you back! I love this song. It really gets the toes tapping. I hope you don't mind I linked up my picks from the last couple of weeks too.

Denise said...

Hi Marcea,
This is my first time here but have been meaning to join the party for ages!! Will definitely be back again.
Denise xx

Ren-Yi said...

totally understandable that live just gets so overwhelming at times! but glad that MSMS is back into business! it's been far too long since I've played along. I love your song pick - absolutely fun!


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