Saturday, 21 January 2012

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Hiya, sorry I am a bit late with this weeks song choice but I am having a lazy day and am only just getting round to my post. I still need to visit you all from last week so that is the next thing to do so it shouldn't be long until I am listening to your tunes.

I really wanted to play this song all week even though I have been having a real trip down memeory lane the past couple of days. I have been listening to all the 'Now that's what I call music' albums right from the beginning. I am really enjoying it and have rediscovered some brilliant songs. Imight pop one on the end just to be cheeky lol.

Here is my choice for this week, you really must turn the volume up full blast!!!

Oooh, I just love it - what a fab beat! Great to see Mick Jagger too, how funky lol. How good does J Lo look, life is so unfair, sigh.

Ok, here is my guilty pleasure for the week ..... you just have to love this ......

So there you go, my songs for the week. I hope you can join in and share what you are listening to and loving. To play along all you have to do is add your blog post link to the little blue froggy below and then we can all come and have a listen too. You can play any day of the week, not just Saturdays. Hope to see you soon xxx


Anita said...

Fun song choices, Marcea! Thank you for hosting MSMSS! :)

Ren-Yi said...

great fun song. i agree it's best on full blast ;)


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