Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stamp Storage: A Step by Step Guide

Good afternoon folks, well I thought I would pop by today and share a little step by step guide with you all on storing stamps. If you are like me you probably have more stamps than you know what to do with. Mine are in drawers and boxes all over my craft room. So I have decided to get organised .... at last. I know there are lots of ways to store stamps and it is very much a personal preference but after a chat on Facebook last night I decided to share how I am storing mine. Hope you find it useful.....

1. What you will need:
A laminator and A4 laminating pouches
A4 Ringbinder and punched pouches
Ink pad
Cheap A4 printer paper (do not use your best paper)

2. Spray the reverse of your stamps with Stick & Spray. Leave for 30 seconds to become tacky.

3. Position your stamp on your rock-a-block and apply ink.

4. Stamp your images onto your paper.

5. Insert stamped paper into laminating pouch and laminate following manufacturers instructions. Allow to cool.

6. Place your stamps on the reverse of the laminated sheet. These will stick in place ready for use because you have already applied Stick & Spray.

7. Place laminated sheet with stamps inside punched pouch. I also like to keep the stamp insert inside the pouch for additional reference. This set is Popcorn the Bear Souffle Collection Say it with Flowers Stamp Set.

8. Store inside your ringbinder.

9. Repeat for all your stamps to create a super organised storage system!


I hope you found this useful. I like to store my stamps on the reverse of the sheet so that I can see quickly and clearly what stamps are on that sheet. It is fab for all the accessory and sentiment stamps too because I always forget about these. I am hoping now that I can see what I have I will use them even more.

..... Now for the rest of them .... see you in a few weeks when I finish lol

Happy stamping folks xxx 


CraftygasheadZo said...

I store my stamps this way too, takes up less space and it's easy to flick through. The amount of folders I have however is growing rapidly! Zo xx

Marie Richardson said...

Great idea Marcea i dont store mine like this but I do have a 'booklet' of all my stamps so that I can flick through it when im looking for a sentiment or image etc and I know exactly what set to look for because ive found it in my booklet if that makes sense.
Marie xxx

julie_woolston said...

Brilliant idea Marcea, I have mine in clear boxes, this might be a better idea.

Hugs Julie x

Unknown said...

Hi Marcea, that is a great idea!! I have mine in old transparent CD boxes, but sometimes the stamps are too big for those; in that case I could use your storage idea, so thanks for sharing. Hugs, Frea

Sandra H said...

I store my unmounted stamps in DVD containers but l like your idea too!:) Sandra H

Louise said...

What a fab idea, thank you for sharing x

Annemaritta said...


patricia wood said...

I really must get down to doing mine! xxx Thank you for the great idea!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

OMG Marcea, what antask you have set yourself but itbwill be lovely when its done. Mine are all stored in folders but this is a great wat to quickly see what you have.

Denise said...

This is how I store my stamps too but I still need to put them in a file - they still just lie in a drawer on the laminated sheet!!!
Denise xx

Debbie x said...

Wow Marcea this is fabby!!! I store mine in CD cases but my drawer is now full and this will be great! Can't wait for Saturday, just hope Wilko's haven't sold out, a mad rush at the shop of all us stampers out there - LOL!!! Thanks so much for sharing this, off now to do a bit of stamping in preparation!!! :-) Debbie x

Lou said...

This is how i store my larger unmounted and clear stamps but for smaller sets or sentiments i use Cd cases, I also use card rather than paper as it gives it extra strength i did think i would like to stamp and colour the images so it would look pretty but decided it was too much hard work lol I like having the stamped reference because you always know if a stamp is missing, or what set a particular stamp belongs to, great Tutorial though. Lou xx

Chris (catt871) said...

Great idea!!!! I like that better than the things I have mine in...might have to revamp my storage spaces!!!!


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