Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Magnolia stamps for sale....

If you are wanting a bargain then head over to my eBay page HERE ...... I have relisted 49 Magnolia stamps after a mix up with eBay and Magnolia. 

Well, what a carry on I have had with eBay and Magnolia the past few days. All my listings were removed a few hours before they were due to finish on Sunday and I have lost all my bidders. Anyway, several emails later it has all been sorted. The original email I had was that Magnolia thought I was selling images (????) and then it turned out they wanted me to only post a picture of the stamp and not showing what it looks like stamped out.

Sooooo, my stamps are now back up for sale. I am hoping eBay will contact all my old bidders to let them know I have done nothing wrong after all. I was so worried but it has all turned out fine in the end .....x


Claveh said...

Thank you for letting us know about your stamps.
I dabble a little with E-bay and it makes me wonder why I bother at all, too many rules and twice as many costs!
Hope you do O.K this time.

Sandra H said...

Thank you Marcea, l shall pop over and check them out:)

Louise Welsh said...

pleased you got it sorted. louise xx


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