Saturday, 3 March 2012

Morning world, how are you all today ...... woohoo, it's the weekend again at last and I am off!!!! Even better so is my hubby so hopefully we will have a great night out tonight.

I am on time again (sort of) for another Music Saves My Soul ...... at least it is still Saturday morning. I am so sorry at how eratic I am at posting MSMS but at least I am here lol.

And so it was such an easy choice.because of a rather handsome guy's birthday yesterday ...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON BON JOVI!!!!!! What a delight of male gorgeousness he is, mmmmmm yum!

He is also the man that made me realise there was such a thing as Playgirl .....rofl, my friends big sister bought a copy back in the 80s when he did his photo shoot ooooh, naughty maughty rofl.

There are so many great songs but thought I would go with this one - almost chose one of the many fabulous ballads  he did but this one wonin the end ....just.

I hope you can all play along this week. Just post your song on your blog then link your post to the blue froggy below.

Have a great weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Martina said...

Happy Birthday Jon! =) I am a BIG Bon Jovi Fan as well, so your post simply catched my eye!! =))

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh maybe we should start a Jon lovefest this week??? LOL I could watch him all day! Great choice...I have to go find a Jon video to post now!!!


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