Sunday, 6 October 2013

Infinity and horse suede bracelets

Oooh what a busy day I have had today. I have made so many jewellery items, I cannot remember the last time I had so much mojo lol.

I will share a couple of suede bracelets I made and then save the others for through the week.

The first is this pretty pink suede infinity bracelet - I am really happy with this and have a few orders already for more.

The next is just a variation really - a beige suede horse bracelet .....

So there you go ..... if you would like to order an then just get in touch with me via my facebook page.

Catch you all later xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Woohoo, MSMS has finally returned.. How excited are you lol????? Well after a break of several years and a little bit of nattering from the lovely Lydia I have decided to host it again.

What is it I hear you ask? Well, it is just a place once a week to share a music video that you really enjoy. Somethimes there may be a theme but usually it is just whatever you are loving right now.

There are no real rules other than to post your link to your blog post below using the linky. On your own blog you should share your video and it would be really nice if you also shared our MSMS piccy too.Try to help spread the word ..... the more people who join in the more fabulous music we can find. It would also be really nice if you could leave peeps a comment if they play along - we all love those don't we :)

So what to choose ..... hmm a toughie because there are a couple I would like to share this week ..............

This one I just adore since the first time I heard it ...............

One Republic - Counting Stars

That is such a fantastic song.

Ah, do you know what - I am just going to share 2 this week lol, well I have been away for ages.
It is the new Britney video. Delighted to see her back stronger than ever - there is just something I love about this girl :)

Yay, now I feel better!!

Ok, so just start sharing the little MSMS pic on your blog (sidebar would be great with link to my blog) and then add your blog post below ...... yay have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Keep your ears warm in a cozy craft room


Hello again, well I am back as promised with some more photos of my craft room and also a new design for me … a knotted crochet headband / earwarmer.

I do enjoy doing the odd bit of crochet. I have to admit after making so many owl hats last winter I almost got fed up of it but I am back enjoying it again. Here is a headband I made last night.


I am now crafting in my craft room. The carpet fitters returned on Saturday with my carpet and fitted it in no time. After that it was a case of taking my storage unit to pieces and then reassembling it again in my room. All that was easy cos then I had to bring everything upstairs and pack it all away. I have to admit  was blumming exhausted by the end of Sunday but no rest for the wicked – I then had a night shift to do!


So here is my room partially filled…


A very tidy desk ….. doesn’t look like that at the moment lol. I have now got a light fitting and curtains. I also have another shelving unit to be put in. I was going to have some floating shelves above my desk but I have changed my mind for now, I prefer having the space there for now ….. maybe in the future I will find something I would like there instead.

I probably won’t have a post for you tomorrow because it is my mother-in-law’s funeral however I shall be back on Saturday.

If you would like the chance to win one of my bracelets pop over to my crafting facebook page before Sunday to find out how.

Have a lovely evening x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lady Luck


Hi everyone. It has been a few days since my last post because I have been on nights. All finished now though so that is good.

Today I want to share a bracelet I have made for Beading Friends Forever challenge – pop over if you love making jewellery because each month someone will win £15 to spend at Beads Direct.

So I discovered this beautiful tutorial on Youtube and I have to say I adore this bracelet.


I have made this with gorgeous fresh water potato pearls and Swarovski chaton crystal montees. It is so pretty in real life and HEAVY!


Here is a closer look at the detail of the design.

I am definitely going to make more of these but I think I might have a bit of fun with brightly coloured glass pearls and see what it looks like.

My craft room is almost finished now – just curtains and shelves to go up. I have moved in and am happy up here. I shall share some more pics tomorrow of the progress.

If you would like to know what I used to make my bracelet here are the picture links …..

If you would like to buy any of my jewellery please pop over to my crafting Facebook page.

See you all tomorrow xx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Keep calm ...... it's only a candle!

Morning world. Well I was up with the birds this morning for my carpet fitters arriving ... more on that in a minute. I thought I would share a couple of candles that I made a couple of days ago, I forgot to share them yesterday. 

The first is a 'Keep Calm' candle. I wanted to make something a little fun - I think I will make a few more of these in the future.

The next candle is using a photo of my gorgeous niece and nephew ..... really happy with this one...

Please excuse the photos, I am trying different photo editing programmes.

All my candles and jewellery, crochet etc can be purchased through my Facebook page ... click HERE x

And now the carpet saga ...... so the alarm clock was set for 6.30 am ready for the carpet fitters at 7am. Well would you believe it they only went and turned up without the blumming carpet! They put the grippers down and underlay and will be back at 9am with the carpet (or so we hope). On a plus at least the underlay coordiates with my paper :)

So it is cup of tea time now and I will wait for them to return. After that I am going to watch my niece play football. This afternoon is going to comprise of buying a new lampshade and curtains and then the dreaded move of crafting supplies will begin. 

Kind of excited :)

Have a lovely Saturday xxx

Friday, 27 September 2013

Back to work and craft room update!

Good evening everyone, wow Friday already! I headed back to work today and managed my full shift, albeit a short one - well 8 hours if you call that short lol. It went well and I have to say I work with the nicest people. Being the McMillan Coffee morning today a few off us headed up to the cancer centre at the hospital and bought rather a lot of cakes for the department. It seemed quite a fitting thing to do after the recent death of my MIL. I really wish I had taken a photo - the cakes were just stunning to look at. Needless to say they went down a treat and all in the name of a good cause too.

So I got home after work and started on the papering of my new craft room. We are desperate to try and get it finished tonight because we have a carpet getting fitted tomorrow morning at 7am!! What ungodly hour is that? Oh well, I suppose it will motivate us to get it finished. 

I better get back upstairs - just finished a naughty pizza . Here is the first wall which will give you a little idea .... loving my new paper :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lots of names

Hi there. Thankyou so much for the lovely messages I have had. It is lovely to be back blogging again. Little update on my new craft room is that the paintwork has all be done now and I am just waiting for it to dry before hubby and I can start wall papering!!! The carpet is getting fitted on Saturday morning so I am ever so excited. All you crafters who have ever moved your stash will know the hardest bit is still to come - RELOCATING ... sigh. I am sure I will be really distracted looking through my old stash instead of moving it upstairs lol. 

So last night and today I have been busy making a few macrame named bracelets that people have ordered from my crafting Facebook page.

These are really simple and quick to make but are fab stocking fillers for Christmas. 

Right, I better go and make a start sorting my 'stuff' out. See you all soon xxx

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Please can I come back to play? xx

Hi everyone. Oh my, here I am in blogland and I feel like such a stranger. Whatever happened to me posting several times a week? Hmmm well who knows .... life I suppose. Well I have decided I WANT to be a blogger again. Facebook has distracted me somewhat this year and I suppose giving up papercrafts saw the demise of my blog. 

A lot has happened this year but with the loss of my mother in law this week I have had a look at myself and decided to do what makes me happy. Funny how real life helps put things back in perspective. My family will always come first but my own happiness is really going to be a mission of mine. 

My husband and I are currently redecorating the spare bedroom and it s going to be my new craft room. I was in there years ago but it was just an old room that needed decorating and was never really MINE. But we started ripping off the paper yesterday, probably as some sort of distraction really with the sad loss we have had. So we are now creating my new space. I already feel more creative and have actually realised that I am missing my papercrafts so watch out. Thrown in there will also be my jewellery and crochet and what ever else I feel like making. 

Here is my room at the moment ...... Ruby is even helping!!!! 

Looking forward to sharing the progress updates with y ou all and to then start become an active blogger again ...... if you will have me back.

See you all soon ...... hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cocktail ring & bling!


Wow, I had no idea it has been so long since my last post. Huge apologies. I really need to try and post at least once a week. I have been pretty busy this past couple of months with work. I have also just got back from a little time in Spain enjoying the sunshine which was lovely. Craftwise I am still enjoying my beading although I must admit I think the old Copics may come out soon because I think I am missing my papercrafts a little …… watch this space!!!

Ok, so I have a couple of things to share today. These are my makes for this months challenge on Beading Friends Forever. For those of you who do not know what this is let me tell you – it is a jewellery making challenge blog that I set up a few months ago. I would love it if you took part. Every month there is a tutorial and also a theme to follow plus one person will win a £15 voucher to spend at Beads Direct. We also have a really active Facebook group which I am so proud of. This is full of the most wonderful crafters who share inspiration and support every single day.

Here is what I have made for this month …….

Anything Goes – Hugs and kisses bracelet

I really love this pattern and usually make it with all pearls. This time though I thought I would mix it up a bit and add some crystals. This is so pretty in real life. The pearls and crystals are Swarovski and are so lush.


All my products are from Beads Direct which I just love to order from ….. here is what I used….


seed beads and peridot crystals no longer on website :(

Now then, here is my ring that I made – this is the fi

rst time I have ever made a ring and I am so pleased with how it turned out – what do you think???


This is fabulous and chunky but can be made much smaller using smaller beads. The tutorial is by Beadingful nights and the link is on the BFF blog.


Have a great weekend everyone and see you all later xxx

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Goodbye google reader

Please, please remember to follow me on Bloglovin if you want to continue following me. Google reader finishes on 1st July. Hope to see you all tomorrow - there is a link on my sidebar to follow me xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hello Kitty


Good morning and a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the UK.

Here I am again for the 3rd time this week – I am slowly sharing what I have been creating over the last couple of months. Today I thought I would show a few Hello Kitty bracelets.

This first one is gorgeous. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I had a few crystal hearts so I created a shamballa style bracelet for a child. I am tempted to make an adult version for myself!


This next 2 are just some little stretch bracelets with pearls and charm spacer beads finished with a sweet HK dangle charm …. cute!

kittypink kittyturqblue

Another shamballa style bracelet. I really love the crystal pave disco balls – they are super sparkly in reallife.


This bracelet was a commissioned order for a friends daughter who had just come home for the weekend. She loves everything Hello Kitty so this fit the bill perfectly.


Last but not least another stretch bracelet.These sparkle HK are so sweet. I still have more of them to use up so watch out for more ideas using them


If you would like to buy any of these just get in touch or visit my facebook crafting page.

Have a super Sunday whatever you are doing ….. xxx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Wrapped in leather


Good evening, look at me back so soon! I just thought I would share another couple of leather wrap bracelets-I am totally addicted making these. I love them and think they are great for summer.

The first one is made using navy suede cord and embellished with purple and silver seed beads. This was a custom order for an old friend and I think the colours are gorgeous.


This next one is one that I made for myself. I bought some watermelon tourmaline beads a while ago and didn’t really know what I was going to do with them. Anyway, what a surprise they ended up as a wrap bracelet … this time with a beige suede cord …. pretty!!


Finally I am sharing a bracelet I have just finished this evening. Yes, another suede wrap bracelet but this time using some delicious beads I bought from Beads Direct in the sale ages ago. These are so pretty in real life – green stabilised tiger eye ….. wow!!!


I love how they all look different but are just different versions of each other. Pop over to Beads Direct if you fancy any of the materials used in these bracelets. They will all be there apart from the beads for the middle bracelet.

Right then, popping off for now but will try to post again before the end of the weekend x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A little catch up


Evening everyone …. oh my word it is 2 months since my last post. I really must apologise for that. I need to get a bit more organised that’s for sure. I am still making jewellery and most of it is on my crafting profile on Facebook.

Today I thought I would remind you about the jewellery challenge I run on Beading Friends Forever. It is a monthly challenge split into a theme and tutorial. There is also a prize from Beads Direct so check it out. Remember you can also join BFF on Facebook ….. see you there.

The theme is to create a piece of jewellery that is multistranded …. here is my set that I created ….


It is a really easy set to make – just beads and spacers but it looks pretty and memory wire bracelets are just so fun to wear.

For the tutorial we had a fabulous video showing how to create a leather wrap bracelet ….. I have made 2 so far and have lots of people asking me to make more of them.

garden wrap

Above a pink and purple bracelet. Below gold and pinks. Product links below. (similar button linked cos otherout of stock)



 Silver-Lined Milky Hot Pink Size 8 Round 10g Toho seed bead size 8 hex silver lined amethyst 10g


I think that will do for today – will try and share a few more makes later this week xxx


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