Friday, 29 March 2013

Switched to Bloglovin

Well, I suppose it is inevitable isn't it. I have finally signed up to Bloglovin before the good old blogger reader that we all knows vanishes forever. There is a link to follow me on my sidebar and I think the link below will also take you to where you need to be (but I am not completely sure)

I am certain we will all grow to love it in the end, but don't we just hate change lol

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jewellery update



Hi there, wow it is ages since my last post. I tend to spend more time on Facebook these days than my blog. If you want to follow me you can visit my jewellery page and like it (pretty please).

So what have I been up to – well basically lots and lots of beaded projects. Here are a couple of makes …….


This is one of my favourite bracelets I have made and has so much bling factor. Made completely from crystals (Swarovski and Chinese) it really has the wow factor. I bought all my supplies from Beads Direct …. links below.

 Crimp tubes silver-plated Beadalon size #3, 2mm.



By the cute and girly – My favourite things (beads)

The next bracelet is a really fun memory wire bracelet I made for a lady at work. It is for her nieces birthday – I really love the pink and turquoise colour combo on this. It is made with a mixture of glass beads with the odd grown up crystal thrown in. Finished with a blingy initial charm.


Right, that’s all from me today – I have had a bead delivery and now I need to sort all this lot out into my storage …..


I will try and post tomorrow but if I do not please can I wish you all a Happy Easter xxxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Classic black

Hi there, well it is beads all the way for me at the moment. My card making is on hold and I have stood down from my papercrafting design teams. I will look forward to making cards as and when I feel like it now and I know my mojo will come back soon. In the mean time I am playing with lots of bling!!

Here are a few bracelets I have made using good old black ..... a total classic but still fun.

I made this for a night out (well, afternoon cocktails lol) with friends at the weekend. It is just lovely in real life - pretty agate beads and Czech fire polished crystals. The spacers are fab and I have ordered more of these .... everyone needs a little sparkle in their life. I also love the clasp on this and will order a few more to have a play with different types of multi strand bracelets.

I have just made this memory wire wrap bracelet this afternoon for an old friend. It is a mix of different glass beads and seed beads with some lovely fire polished crystals. The charm is a clip charm so it can be changed or added to other pieces of jewellery. I just made a totally random design and I have to admit it freaked me out not having a neat sequence of beads but I actually like how it turned out. 

The last bracelet I am sharing is actually the first one I made. I cannot remember if I shared it before or not on my blog so here it is. This little creation is what got me hooked on making bracelets. I made it at Craftaganza last November and the rest is history ..... as they say.

Watch out for more posts this week because I have the rest of the week off - woop woop.

Have a lovely week

Monday, 4 March 2013

Kumi crazy

Good evening everyone. Well I have had a crafty day off today and been busy making lots of lovely bracelets. I will share two with you just now and show a few more later in the week. Kumihimo bracelets are so popular at the moment and especially the beaded ones.

This first one is just black ..... but oh my word I love it. I have mixed matte and gloss beads together and I am so happy with the result. I think it looks pretty elegant for such a chunky bracelet and would fab with most outfits.

The next one is using 2 shades of green. The camera really has not done a very good job of the colours on this but it is just so pretty in real life. I would never have really thought about a green bracelet before making this but it is just so eye-catching that I am tempted to make myself one for the Spring/Summer.

So there you go .... another couple of bracelets from me. I am back at work tomorrow so I will either post tomorrow night or I might just wait until Wednesday. Whenever it is I promise to see you again this week. Oooh almost forgot to say, make sure you check out Beading Friends Forever blog if you like making jewellery. Catch you all later xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 1 March 2013

BOGOF …… oops!



Afternoon everyone. Sorry if I sounded rude in my title but what I really wanted to say was two bracelets in one post!! I should hopefully be fast asleep right now because I am half way through my nights shifts. I hope blogger is behaving because it is time for a brand new challenge on Beading Friends Forever (or BFF as we like to call it). If you do not know what it is then I will quickly explain. I decided to start a challenge blog for beaders because basically there were none around that I could find. So we are now onto our 2nd challenge and I am so excited. I have had such wonderful feedback. I have also set up a Facebook page too which you can join here and it is such a fabulous group of friendly people all sharing inspiration, tips and friendship.

Anyway onto the challenge. Full details are on the BFF blog if you want to join in.

My first bracelet is following the tutorial. Well, this did take a bit of time to make and rather a lot of seed beads but I really like it and I am pleased I learnt a new type of bracelet. I dare say a few people will curse my choice this month but hey, it is a challenge blog isn’t it and we have a month to create it lol. It would be dull if the same type of bracelet was chosen each month.


This is a double spiral bracelet. I bought all my supplies from Beads Direct – I promise to link them all up when I wake up.

My second bracelet is for the ‘Favourite colour combo’ theme. I do really like black and pink when I am making jewellery and I have to say it is one of my more popular colour selections with orders that I get.


These are black agate and pink jade beads – semi precious and lovely! The charm is a Swarovski Elements charm and really adds some bling factor.

I really hope you pop over and give us a chance – it would be great to see even more new faces this month. Thanks, have a great weekend ahead whatever you do xxxx


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