Friday, 29 September 2017

A few photos from my trip to the coast

Hi, I just thought I would share a few photographs I took last week whilst we were at our caravan which is on the East coast near Filey in North Yorkshire. I think I need to start taking my proper camera with me, it is just so beautiful.

All the photos I took were just using my iPhone but I think they turned out ok.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

The Church of Saint Mary, Whitby

The beach between Filey and Hunmanby Gap

Hunmanby Gap

Hunmanby Gap

I hope you enjoyed my photos. We were so lucky with the weather and I really enjoyed taking photos of the gorgeous scenery. Looking forward to the changing seasons and weather which should add some real interest to my future photos.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend (hang in there, its almost here)


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Latest in Beauty unboxing | Beauty over 40

Good evening everyone, I hope you are having a good day .... hang in there it's almost the weekend thank goodness. 

It was my late finish tonight but the good news is it also meant that I start at lunch so I was able to pop to the Post Office and collect my parcel that I missed yesterday.

It was the best type of post .... goodies for me!

I have become slightly obsessed with beauty boxes over the past few months. I just love the whole idea of getting lots of new things to try each month. My parcel today is by Latest in Beauty and it is the first time I have had a box from them.

I have subscribed to this one because I was with YOU Beauty but they have now merged with Latest in Beauty so I took up this in place of it. Because I had transferred over I got a free product worth £53!!!!

You can choose either 3, 6 or 9 products and can either get a monthly subscription or a one off box. I have signed up for a monthly box (cos I am just greedy) which means I choose 9 products for £18 (not £25 like I mentioned ... oops)  a month including postage. I just love my new box so much. If you would like to see me unboxing it and giving first impressions of my box just have a peep at my video over on my YouTube channel. 

Haha, ignore my upside down thumbnail - I now know if you take your photo with your iPhone and it is upside down you can't get it to show the right way round.

There is also a code for £3 off one of the products in the video.

If you like my video remember to give me a thumbs up and I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel. 

We are going to our caravan tomorrow - I cannot wait! See you all soon xxx

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Oh so nosey

Good evening. Well half way through the week already and I have been having a good old snoop around blogland. It is so lovely looking through my reading list and rediscovering old favourites. I am so happy there are lots of familiar faces still about. Quite a few blogs with no recent posts but as I know all too well we all need a break from time to time. 

I have started to leave the odd comment here and there - why do I feel so nervous. Will anyone remember me? I would really love it if any of my old buddies would drop me a message to let me know how you are doing. I feel about 90% certain I am going to start some cardmaking again. That's the thing once you start looking at all the beautiful creations out there. I am so worried I can't remember how to make a card. Oh well, I learned once so I can learn again.

So that's all I wanted to say tonight. Just short and sweet. 2 more days at work and then I am heading off to our holiday home on the coast. I am so ready for a break and the sea air will be just what I need. I might even pack some stamped images and my copics - now there's an idea ......

Night gorgeous bloggers, see you all again soon 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Crochet on a rainy night

What a rainy night it is tonight. I finished work at 6pm then headed off home where my hairdresser came round to do my hair - cut and colour so all they roots have gone for now. 

Now time to relax ..... watching The Great British Bake Off .... bread week tonight ..... and as I listen to the rain pouring down outside it is time for a little crochet. 

Just a simple corner to corner blanket with magic wool that I picked up from a local store. I started with a different pattern but I didn't like how it was working up. I am so much happier with this pattern. I will try to save some wool to make a matching baby hat too to complete the set. 

I will post the competed blanket when I have finished it.

Have a lovely evening xx

Everyone loves a giveaway ....

Good morning my lovelies, so I have been having a bit of a think and what better what to getting back into the swing of things than to have a giveaway!! I shall be back with more details but to make sure you are in with a chance head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment about what you would like to see on my blog and on my YouTube.

I am so excited to be back, remember to let me know what you would like to see

Monday, 11 September 2017

At last, the need to blog has bitten me in the butt

Good evening guys. Well I have said it a few times over the last couple of years but this time I mean it - I am back!! I have really missed blogging and I think now is the time to get back to a couple of regular posts a week. I am also trying my hand at YouTube - boy is that hard. I love to talk but omg it is so difficult. I feel such a techno failure at the moment. Even my blog seems so alien to me now. 

Hopefully that will all change soon and it will be like putting on a pair of old comfy slippers. I am not even sure who still blogs any more out of all us oldies that seemed to be around when blogging first took off.

All my craft stash is packed away in the loft and I must admit I am getting the odd urge to go up there and start unpacking it all. God knows if I could even make a card any more - and as for copics - can I even still colour?

Really looking forward to getting back online. I hope I can shout on a few of you if I get stuck along the way - ooh I am so excited. Right, that's it for now - just taken me bloody ages to upload a video .... haha was I ever that bad at my blog? If I wasnt before I sure feel it now. Off for a quick look on my feed to see who is still around.

Take care my lovelies and hope to catch up with you soon xxxxx


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